Tankless Vs Tank storage water heaters?

The laundry and the dishwasher along with all the showers and particularly during the cold months add up to a lot of hot water needs for a family. The hot water storage heater has become a cliché in modern urban homes and life cannot be imagined without it.  In recent times, with all the technology coming in, the tankless water heater or on-demand water heater can do away with the tank storage and directly supply hot water to the tap.Operating on electricity or natural gas, the tankless system uses high-powered burners in a heat exchanger. The advantage according to research is that the tankless water heater is 22% more efficient, but will cost far much more to install.

Traditional tank storage water heaters

They take up lots of space at maybe 50 gallons big and 5 feet tall! The tank type cannot be located outside the home like the tankless one. Whether it is gas, electricity or propane, the water is constantly being heated and thus the energy is wasted. It results in higher energy bills. The colder the climate, the higher is the heating cost. The tank type costs far less than the tankless ones. Just imagine that the tank type is at the end of its life and needs a replacement. A new one can be easily fitted into the existing pipes. In terms of performance, there is no doubt that the tank type is doing well with the new technology and additional insulation that results in an even larger size.

Initial purchase costs are very much more affordable for the storage type, maybe a quarter of the tankless price. The working process being simple, repairs and maintenance would cost far less.

Several family members cannot shower simultaneously and the storage type has a shorter life, needing to be replaced more often, maybe twice as often as the tankless one.

Tankless water heaters

It is obvious that space saving is achieved with the tankless high achiever in cramped apartments! It could even be installed on exterior walls in a terrible space crunch. Though initially far costlier than the tank type, you would gradually be saving money through greater energy efficiency over the years, particularly if the hot water needs of the family are large. Being a complicated system, it would cost a lot to maintain and repair the tankless one.

Compared to the tank type, the tankless type will last longer and prove far more useful. While the tankless water heater one may cost double, their life spans of 25 years may be double the tank storage type! Hard water may reduce the performance of both types of water heaters.

Waiting for hot water is very brief with maybe three gallons of hot water delivered every minute. In comparison, storage type has to deal with more water and take far longer to heat.


Aware of the pros and cons of both, check here for depth analysis of tankless water heater. The tankless one would be the right choice if the initial high investment is possible in view of the longer life and greater energy efficiency. A small budget points to the storage type that is getting better with time.

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