Water Drying Process

water damage drying process on wood floorOnce the water removal from the flooded area is complete, we will begin the drying process on the left over moisture. We use specialized commercial air-movers that will push air across the various surfaces in your home and change the remaining moisture into an air-born vapor, which is then processed by dehumidifiers, which convert the vapor back into a liquid so that we can then pump it out of your home.

Our focus is “restorative drying” or using a process that will focus on what can reasonably be saved with a complete dry out. We will then perform structural repairs to restore back to the pre-loss condition.

The drying process usually takes 2 to 5 days, depending on the damage, but it can take longer for larger damaged areas.

The Air in Your Home

Because of the process of turning the moisture into vapor as well as the dehumidification process of turning that vapor back into water the air in your home will feel different at different times. Initially the humidity of the home will rise. We will monitor the humidity during the process using state of the art moisture detection technology to strike the perfect balance for the drying process. We may open windows if outside conditions will aid drying. We ask you not do so, however, but to let us make those adjustments.

After a day or two you will notice the air will be warm and dry as the dehumidifiers do their job of removing the water vapor from the air in your home. Because of this any indoor plants may need additional watering.

You may also notice an unpleasant odor during the process as things like dirt, food, dried pet urine, or other contamination sources combine with the moisture to cause the unpleasant smell. In the case of carpets, after everything is completely dry we can either have the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized, if salvageable, or replace them.

Drying Carpeted Areas

Because the carpet pad is sometimes damaged during the process and to prevent issues with mold we will usually remove it. Now we place commercial airmovers under the carpet to facilitate removing the moisture remaining in the carpet and turning it into airborne water vapor.

Drying Hardwood Floors

We use a commercial drying system designed specifically to dry hardwood floors. If we cannot dry your hardwood floors we will remove the damaged wood and dry the sub-floor prior replacing the hardwood

General Drying Information

To dry out as quickly as possible and to maximize the chance of restoration and to prevent mold we will leave the drying equipment running 24 hours a day. Because we run the equipment day and night during the dry out some customers ask about increased electric bills. The equipment we use is energy efficient and typically you won’t incur large increases in your electric bills. The following shows an approximation of what the additional costs might look like for each piece of equipment.

HEPA Air Filters $1.00 per day
Large Air Mover $ 0.75 per day
Small Dehumidifier $ 1.25 per day
Large Dehumidifier $ 1.75 per day

During the drying period we will make daily service calls to check progress. We will document the temperature, humidity, and moisture, using specialized equipment and may add or remove equipment.

Usually you are able to stay in your home during the drying process depending on what areas of your home are affected, but it may affect your ability to use certain rooms, such as the kitchen. If leaving your home becomes necessary your insurance company may provide coverage. Check with your adjustor to find out.

If you are able to stay in your home during the process we will ask you to notify us immediately if you become aware of a breaker tripping or if the equipment stops so that we can immediately start the drying process up again.

Once the dry out process is complete, we will make an assessment of what is beyond repair and what can be restored and submit an estimate of those repairs to your insurance company.
Some customers ask if we can give an estimate before we start the dry out, but is extremely difficult to give an accurate estimate beforehand. We will, however, give a good-faith professional estimate and then update you if we find concealed damage or other factors that would increase the cost.

We also work closely with your insurance company to verify coverage on the damaged areas. You are generally only responsible for your deductible cost. We use Xactimate estimating software which is the industry standard. Many times this is the same estimating program used by your insurance company. In fact, many times your insurance will use our estimate alone to pay the Claim. Before any repairs are made we will have authorization from your insurance company.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about our water damage drying process.