Remodeling Services

fully remodeled kitchenYou have a vision of how you want your home to look. You’ve been collecting pictures from magazines and Pinterest for months. You know how you want your home to feel. Now you need someone who can take you there. For 30 years, we’ve been transforming homes and helping customers remodel their visions into a new reality.

Whether a standard remodeling job or rebuilding after damage from water, fire, or other catastrophe, Cascade Restoration Services are experts in high-quality, professional construction work. Although we can do ANY remodeling job, here are a few types of jobs we commonly perform.

Kitchen Remodeling

Everyone always congregates in the kitchen. Kitchen remodels are one of the most important home remodeling projects to a family’s lifestyle. A renovated kitchen can make meal preparation and entertaining easier, increase storage, create a homework station or home office, and improve the flow of your primary living spaces. Some of the ways we can help in your kitchen remodel include these:

  • Reorganize the work flow and space flow.
  • Upgrade cabinetry, adding desirable features to expand storage.
  • Replace counter tops and upgrade the sink area for ease of use.
  • Improve lighting and update fixtures.
  • Replace worn or outdated flooring.
  • Add color and style with new backsplashes.

A kitchen remodel is always challenging to a family’s life. We inform you about the project’s schedule and keep you in the loop as the project progresses. We are happy to help you plan how to minimize disruption to your family’s routines during the remodeling process.

Bathroom remodeling

A bathroom remodel can create a quiet haven where adults can rejuvenate themselves or prepare for the day ahead. Organizing the children’s bathroom well can dramatically reduce the time spent supervising their cleaning or cleaning up after them. Planning bathroom remodeling projects wisely is critical since costs are driven in significant part by whether plumbing must be moved. We enjoy the process of working with you to determine how best to accommodate your dreams within your budget. Whether you want a spa-like haven for yourself or lots of convenient cubbies near the kids’ tub, we can get you to your goal.

Basement remodeling

Will the basement become a family recreation space or a workroom? Is it an unfinished space or a dark-paneled remnant of the 1960s? Whatever the starting point and the final goal, we are prepared to carry your project through. Once we work with you to develop the plan for your basement remodeling project, we carry it out, including such essentials as these:

  • Wallboard installation or replacement
  • Construction of new rooms
  • Electrical wiring, including high-power outlets for appliances
  • Addition of windows for light or required egress
  • Basement waterproofing

Whether you want a space stripped to the studs and redesigned or want to take a more conservative approach, we manage your home renovation from beginning to end. We’re finished when your home vision has become a reality.