The city of Bothell is our home service area since we are located in Bothell ourselves! In addition to handling Bothell water damage, we also service the following nearby cities:

Mill Creek, North Creek, Heatherwood, Seattle Hill, Woodinville, Alderwood Manor, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Meadowdale, Woodway, Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Juanita, Richmond Beach, Mountlake Terrrace, Brier, Canyon Park, Clearview, Maltby

We hope this informational page will be a resource for Bothell and surrounding area residents who may experience water damage, fire damage or any other disaster that requires certain services, such as nearby hotels in case you have to temporarily leave your home during the restoration process.

Bothell City Hazard Mitigation Plan

Bothell has done an incredible job on their hazard mitigation plan. Here is a link to the plan. Bothell Hazard Mitigation Plan

There are some key things about this plan we’d like to point out, that may be useful to know.

Bothell and surrounding areas have a higher potential for flooding due to the North Creek. Although there are currently levees in place to prevent flooding, if these fail there would be no way to prevent major flooding into the residential and business areas.

The mitigation plan outlines what the major hazards are for the Bothell area. The following four hazards are of concern to us since they can lead to water and fire damage.

The hazards listed below are classified by Probability / Vulnerability:

1. Severe Weather – High / Moderate
2. Flooding – High / Moderate
3. Landslides – Moderate / Moderate
4. Earthquake – Moderate / High

In the history of hazards the plan outlines the various floods, wind storms, or other severe weather occurring in the past that has caused major damage. It is clear that proper preparation for such events is necessary, since these hazards will inevitably occur in the future. See our blog for helpful ideas for how to prepare for various hazards.

Below are some local area links that may be helpful should you experience a disaster:

Local Resources You May Need at the time of a Water Damage or other Disaster


Home Improvement/Hardware Stores

Local Hotels (In case you need to leave your home during a clean-up effort)

Pet kennels

Police & Fire for Bothell

Bothell Police: (425) 486-1254
Bothell Fire: (425) 486-1678

Bothell and Surrounding Area Schools (Northshore District)

This handy matrix gives school phone numbers, websites, start and end times and more:

Other Bothell Resources

News and Blogs

Major Employers in Bothell Area

This page has a great summary of the major area employers:

Bothell Government Pages

Bothell City:
Bothell Public Safety (Fire, Police, E.M.S, etc)

County Government Pages

Average Rainfall for Bothell
As for average rainfall, Bothell falls in the 40-60 inches per year category, not as high as some areas, but definitely high enough to create potential flood and water damage problems.

Cascade Restoration Services, LLC has provided the previous information for the benefit of the readers and does not necessarily endorse any of the businesses listed. For more information please see our disclaimer.