Rain in Seattle Causes More Than Flooding

This is an example of how water problems, whether from rain, broken pipes, or other sources can lead to far more than just wet floors. The flooding caused by heavy rains at the Fairview Christian School in Seattle a few weeks ago created an actual health hazard. Because the flooding caused anything connected to a drain to overflow, water started coming out of toilets and the drains themselves, bringing in unsanitary water and sludge. This clearly can cause health problems if not dealt with properly. In this case it was fortunate that the problem didn’t occur during the night so that it could be addressed right away. As we approach Fall it is a good idea to make sure you are prepared for the increased possibility of heavy rains as well as just being sure you are thinking about some of the other factors that...

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The Health Effects of Mold

Mold poses health risks to every member of the household. Different people have different levels of sensitivity to molds. The US Centers for Disease Control says that if you can smell any mustiness at all, mold is present and needs to be removed to protect residents and visitors. To protect against future mold growth, the source of the dampness where the mold grows must also be removed. We offer expert mold remediation services guaranteed to remove any exposure risks. The following is a brief list of the types of mold and the health hazards they create. Health Problems Related to Mold Most common indoor molds are not toxic by themselves, but create health problems in people with allergies, suppressed immune systems or underlying lung diseases. Some of the symptoms they may experience include irritated eyes and skin, stuffy noses and wheezing, fever, difficulty breathing and...

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Replacing Important Records and Documents After a Flood

Birth and Death Certificates In order to replace your damaged or destroyed birth and death certificates, contact your individual state’s Bureau of Vital Record and Health Statistics, where they are usually filed. You’ll need to either fill out the proper form provided by your state requesting a new certificate or write a letter with all the pertinent information: Name of person born or name of deceased Birth date or date of death City and county where birth or death occurred Parent’s names including mother’s maiden name for birth certificates or your relationship to the deceased for a death certificates Many states will allow you to request new certificates online as well. If you live in the same county where the births and deaths occurred, you may be able to save some time by going to your County Recorder’s Office, where they should have most licenses...

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