How to Create a Proper Home Inventory & Save Thousands

When it comes to home disasters, such as water damage, one of the best ways to protect yourself from further loss is to compile a detailed list of your personal property. In the case of fire or water damage, sometimes your home contents can be damaged beyond recognition. You will be surprised just how much value those individual possessions add up to when you really start to think about what it would cost to replace them. Why Exactly Do you Need a Home Inventory? A household inventory can be a life saver at claim time, when it comes to your insurance company replacing those cherished items that you value so much. The ability to simply hand over a home inventory will save you time and frustration when the insurance adjuster has to account for items damaged in the loss. Your itemized list will also help...

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Why Choosing IICRC Certified Technicians is Essential

We as a people spend a great deal of time indoors, whether it’s at home, work or the places of business that we choose to frequent. So would it surprise you to know that the air we’re breathing, while inside these buildings, may be more harmful to us than the outside air? These indoor air pollutants can come from many sources. Some of these sources we have control over, while others not so much. One of the areas we should have complete control over is the way our homes and businesses are professionally cleaned, maintained or restored after damage. Unfortunately, the use of some cleaning products and techniques can create dangerous environments, where we live, work and play. A study completed by the EPA, showed that some organic chemicals found in many cleaning and disinfecting supplies can give off a variety of common organic pollutants....

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Our New Scholarship

We are offering a new scholarship for Washington State students! Cascade Restoration Services is giving back to the community and offering a new $1,000 scholarship to students currently attending or who will be attending a Washington state college or trade school. The scholarship is essay based and also includes a social media element. The application and essay are not due until 6/15/15 so there is plenty of time to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. To learn more about the requirements, due dates, and other details just check out our scholarship page: Here is the press release on PRWeb. News Release Please help us get the word out by sharing this on Facebook, Google+ or anywhere else you hang out on the web. Thank you! Cascade Restoration Services, LLC...

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